What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

We make auto insurance shopping easy and affordable.

You can count on us to give you the best protection with the best service at the best prices in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

  • We strive to have the best customer support and customer satisfaction.
  • Our worry-free price assures that you are getting the best rate.
  • Choose from the widest variety of insurance companies and options.


We are a fast growing company that is dedicated to serving all of the insurance needs of its customers.

We make sure that our offices are conveniently located and that all our employees offer the very best service.

It is our promise to ensure that our customers have a consistently excellent experience, whether it is making a payment or starting a new policy. We promise to always be friendly, cheerful, and make you feel like a member of our family.
GI Auto Insurance Agency represent several respected that have been in business for extended periods of time and provide coverage for both standard and non-standard customers for auto, home and commercial needs.
Auto Insurance
We provide the best & affordable chances to get a perfect policy.
Commercial Insurance
Small businesses drive the American economy. We understand that small business owners like you work hard every day, taking risks to better serve your customers, employ more people and strive to be successful.
Home Insurance
Home insurance protects you in more ways than you'd think. We'll include many coverages that do more than protect your physical structure. Get a homeowners insurance quote, add the coverages you need and stay protected.